Man’s Best Friend’s Guide to Summer Skincare

We all see ourselves as a summer stud with a brilliant bronzed glow, but thanks to air-con, high outdoor temperatures and oil build-up, the reality is that you could be looking more dud than stud. Bulldog of course, have created a sun-savvy skincare routine so that you can enjoy your summer without worrying about oily skin and imperfections.

Your skin is prone to be oily in the summer so use a balancing formula every morning and evening to remove excess oil without stripping it.
Oil Control Face Wash (£4.50, 150ml) contains witch hazel, willow bark and juniper. It’s been formulated to deeply cleanse the skin and leave it feeling thoroughly refreshed.     

An exfoliator buffs away dull, dead skin cells to leave you with a clear complexion. Scrub away the day after cleansing in the evening twice a week.
Oil Control Face Scrub (£5.00, 125ml) Boasting black charcoal to exfoliate the skin, this scrub will minimise excess oil and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Even though your skin might feel greasy you still need to hydrate it daily with a moisturiser. Choose a mattifying formula that will absorb quickly in to the skin.
Oil Control Moisturiser (£6.00, 100ml) leaves the skin feeling smooth and looking healthier. It was designed to provide lightweight hydration whilst leaving a mattified finish.

Don’t Forget About Your Body  
Chances are, you’ll be exposing more skin than usual so keep it hydrated and looking healthy.
Original Body Lotion (£4.50, 250ml) is super nourishing and delivers 24hr hydration to leave your skin feeling smooth all day. It contains aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea.

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