top five European nature breaks to consider for 2019

Plitvice National Park, Croatia
16 lakes all leading into one another through a series of breath-taking waterfalls make this location a must-see for all nature enthusiasts. If crystal clear waters and lush greenery are what you like to see through your camera lens, Plitvice National Park is an essential Croatia experience.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
The waters of Lake Bled glitter emerald green and are beautifully still, allowing holidaymakers to quietly row across to visit the temple of the ancient Slavic goddess of love. If this wasn’t enough, castles are built into cliff faces and gorges run through Triglavski National Park, only a stone’s throw from the lake.

La Gomera, Spain
An often-overlooked Canary Island, La Gomera is left largely untouched allowing nature to flourish all across the volcanic hills. Perfect for hiking trails and awe-inspiring views, a photographer with an eye for dramatic landscapes would feel at home here.

Bigar Waterfall, Romania
Known as “the miracle from the Minis Canyon”, this natural marvel is in the Caras-Severin County of Romania, a region filled with mountains, greenery and hot springs perfect for nature photography.

The Azores, Portugal
These Portuguese islands are characterised by dramatic landscapes, blue hydrangeas and deep blue lakes to match. Greens and blues will fill the camera lens of any avid photographer as they hike to the tallest of peaks and photograph the rolling hills and still lakes.

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