Siberia LFF Film Review

Siberia is a spiritual journey filled with metaphors and symbolism that even the most observant viewer may have trouble keeping pace with. The sixth collaboration between director Abel Ferrara and a for Willem Defoe, this dive into the abyss of the soul is a cold, harsh and biting ride.

There’s some fantastic landscape cinematography, with Defoe’s Clint sledding through bleak snow filled valleys, lit in a surreal green light that adds to the mystery. This, coupled with a minimal piano based score help craft an atmosphere you’ll not be able to shake.

In terms of narrative, the protagonist is seemingly thrown across several scenes in a non-linear fashion, with both him and the audience attempting to piece together the meaning of the strange, weird and often disturbing things he’s confronted with.

Definitely one for fans of the surreal, this is a journey not for the light hearted.

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